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Happy Holidays!

2007-12-24 18:51:04 by Testerline

I just wanted to wish anyone who stops by my profile happy holidays. I don't know how many people will be swinging by because I don't think I will be spending much time in the BBS. I just really don't fit in with that majority of users so I will only be making minimal posts. I am getting really into watching, reviewing, and reading reviews of flash submissions. I can't say that is a bad thing because that is what brought me to the site in the first place.

I hope everyone has a safe holiday and gets to spend it with the people they care about the most.

What are your plans for Christmas and New Years?

A bad part of a bad thing.

2007-12-18 01:16:55 by Testerline

I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled which wasn't a big deal. I was knocked out, got some pain medicine and it didn't hurt that bad. Now that it has been almost a week I am starting to get this strange taste in my mouth. It isn't there all the time but occasionally I get the taste of rotten flesh and dead baby in my mouth. I really hope it doesn't become more frequent and it just goes away soon.

How are your teeth doing?

Back in the game

2007-12-14 19:41:01 by Testerline

I used to spend a lot of time on newgrounds but I have been away for a while. School and life takes up a lot of time but I am going to try and stop in more often. This website got me through High School so it can't be all bad.