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A bad part of a bad thing.

2007-12-18 01:16:55 by Testerline

I recently had my wisdom teeth pulled which wasn't a big deal. I was knocked out, got some pain medicine and it didn't hurt that bad. Now that it has been almost a week I am starting to get this strange taste in my mouth. It isn't there all the time but occasionally I get the taste of rotten flesh and dead baby in my mouth. I really hope it doesn't become more frequent and it just goes away soon.

How are your teeth doing?


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2007-12-19 00:24:28

How do you know what the taste of dead babies and rotten flesh tastes like? Lol.


2007-12-19 22:38:30

Dude, I need to get a wisdom tooth pulled badly, it's causing me to lose sleep. This sonovabitch hurts everyday as of recent. Is it really not that bad? I hear mixed opinions on the matter, but I guess I should stop being a total pussy go through with it sooner than later.

Testerline responds:

I heard lots of horror stories but it wasn't bad for me. I also went to school the day after major knee surgery so I have a pretty high pain tolerance.


2007-12-20 04:02:50

My teeth are awesome sauesome.


2007-12-20 04:09:32

I had the most painful toothache of my life just under a week ago, so bad that I thought it was a abscess (as it seemed to make my body feel terrible too). Thankfully the pain has gone without a bank breaking trip to the dentist, so better teeth care here I come!